I help you lay the groundwork for a successful and lasting business.

It all begins with a website that authentically reflects your uniqueness and resonates as a soulful invitation to your ideal clients.

about me

i'm ready to jump in

I write empathic website copy that feels like a soul calling to your dream clients.

They will see you for whom you are.
They will get your stunning uniqueness.
They will want to work with you.
And they will book you.

You are unique, beautiful and deserve a fulfilling life.
You deserve to live your truth and purpose using your unique gifts.
You deserve a website that serves your business as a strong foundation for your marketing.

And I can help you with that.

Dear coaches and purpose-driven businesses,

let me help you be seen.

why copywriting?

my story

I know way too well how it feels not to be seen or understood. You may have a lot to offer and know your worth, but it still sucks (and hurts) when no one is buying, and people fail at seeing you.

I come from a household of trauma with constant emotional abuse and occasional physical abuse.

And I was the evil child (I kid you not, those are my mom’s words).

Out of survival, I learned to articulate things to convey precisely what I needed them to say.
So I would know: if someone didn’t get it, it would not be on me.

If I learned how to articulate things in the way I truly meant them, I would be in my truth.

And if people still didn’t understand me, or if they still only saw the evil-intended child, then I would know.

Then I would see the biases and the prejudice. I would see the fallacies of reasoning.

So, wording and articulating things exactly like I intended to was a survival skill.

3 decades later, I can certainly say that writing has always played a big role in my life.

And now it's time for me to help others with my words.

When it comes to work

This is what you can expect

Marketing & Copywriting Wizardry: You can be sure your message will be tailored to your ideal clients’ deepest desires. It will highlight the value and benefits of your offers and maintain a strong brand positioning.

Empathy and perceptiveness: I’m an Empath, and Scorpio plays a significant role in my birth chart. Meaning: I’m highly perceptive. I will see your uniqueness but also profoundly understand your soul clients. Did I tell you? I’m also loyal and loving: I care about you and your business and want you to win.

Word artistry: I have great love and affinity for words. I transform them into magic & people deeply relate to it. See what others have to say:
You've definitely found your calling - your words are beautiful.” “
Your words hold the most beautiful energy.”

Spirituality: it is a big part of my life, and if you feel the same, I might be your ideal client. With me, you will never have to feel judged for being spiritual at any level, nor have to explain it. I understand the woo behind a successful business and fulfilling life; I want it, and I embrace it.

Strategic and structured thinking: I write compelling articles and great websites that are efficient (who has time to read WORDS?!) and make a strong impression. They gently bring the reader to be sure about your expertise and create a connection with you.

Bold, foundational, and tenacious: I am SUCH a bull (#TaurusWoman). I’m steady, resilient, and persistent. I don’t shy away from doing the work. I believe in implementing foundational structures to achieve long-term sustainability. Oh yeah, and I am bold. Because who likes a boring life?!

fun facts about me

Let's Get Personal for a minute





I'm French and Hmong, and I live in Germany.

I am the mom of a wonderful toddler (and currently pregnant).

I'm a Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon, and Capricorn Rising.

My happy place is anywhere near mountains and a lake

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